About us


The concept of our Brand has a strong connection to Nature. We use ingredients given and inspired by Nature.

The philosophy stands behind strong believes in receiving and giving back to nature. We believe we can find balance between everything we do.

Our ingredients are carefully selected and processed to create safe and harmless products for every individual and to nature.




Oxum's name is inspired by the Afro-Brazilian culture, originally
from the Yoruba population, located in a southwestern region of Nigeria.

The original name is Oshun. Oshun is a river goddess typically associated with water, purity, fertility, love, and sensuality.

The story says that The Goddess was sent on Earth to create life on our planet,bringing love, water, sensuality and compassion.

When Oshun arrived on Earth, the other gods were saying that Oshun was't needed to create life on it.

Oshun left offended the planet, went to sit on the moon, watching herself in the mirror and powdering her face.

But since Oshun left, all the water was disappearing and so was life and love.

Without life on the planet all the others Gods were powerless. They begged Oshun to come back and provide her life-giving energy and love.

She accepted to come back. Upon her return, the world became fertile and beautiful.

Oshun is both a creator and a healer. Followers call on Oshun for help with fertility and to cure ailments when medicine doesn’t work. Oshun’s energy can heal and create life, but she can also take it away if she feels that we are ungrateful for what she has given. She represents everything lush, fertile, and juicy in our world.

We are honored to call our Brand Oxum and connect the name from this powerful story, telling us how important it is to allow ourselves to care about nature and don’t let Oshun leave our hearts.



Our skincare products are paraben-free, sulphate free, no animal tested, no artificial fragrances, colors or flavors.


Oxum cosmetic acknowledges and respects the Planet. We are mindful of our position and we know that for some ingredients we need to look out of Australia to provide professional and effective skincare products. We see the world as one and we appreciate every piece of healthy ingredients from nature.